Sulfated chitosan (SCS)/polysulfone (PS) composite nanofiltration membrane surface cross-linked by Epichlorohydrin

J. Miao, Z.H. Xie, G.H. Chen
Edith Cowan University, AU

Keywords: sulfated chitosan (SCS), composite nanofiltration membranes, epichlorohydrin, rejection performance


A series of composite nanofiltration membranes were prepared via a method of coating and cross-linking from sulfated chitosan (SCS) as the material of the active layer, Polysulfone (PS) UF membrane as the base membrane, and epichlorohydrin (ECH) as the cross-linker. It suggested that the membrane active layer acquires a negative surface charge distribution by the adsorption of anions from the electrolyte solution, and this charge distribution mainly determined the membrane performance.