Titanium Power Technologies LLC


Ohio, US


Gerhard Welsch



Primary Industry: 

Electronics, Sensors & Communications

Executive Summary: 

We produce a new type of electrolytic capacitor material for high-energy, high-voltage energy storage and power devices. Capacitors made from our material can be used in power supplies and power conditioners in applications such as consumer electronics, industrial electronics, electric vehicles (electrified cars, truck, ships and aircraft) and in and cell-phone and other signal transmission. Our material addresses the $3 billion global annual market for tantalum and niobium electrolytic capacitors and a portion of the $10 billion annual market for ceramic capacitor by offering higher performance and lower cost. Competitive Advantage: We leverage equal or better performance and factor ‘two’ mass reduction compared to the current market leader (tantalum) at substantially lower material cost. The new material provides a compelling substitute for capacitors made from less efficient materials that are currently used in many end-market applications. Our market strategy is to produce directly useable anode material for qualification tests by capacitor device manufacturers and by industrial end users. We have qualified the material in the laboratory and have made it into working prototype capacitors to demonstrate their operation at high specific energy and high efficiency at low and high voltages and at cycling frequencies.