Rolith, Inc.




Boris Kobrin



Primary Industry: 

Renewable & Non-Traditional Energy

Executive Summary: 

Rolith was formed in 2008 by 3 co-founders (Dr. Boris Kobrin, Prof. Mark Brongersma and Julian Zegelman) to develop a low cost nanostructured coatings fabrication technology based on a proprietary method of large area high throughput nanolithography. The target applications are light trapping layers for solar cells, light extraction layers for LEDs, nanostructured TCOs and polarizers for displays and nanostructured electrodes for batteries. A prototype of “Rolling mask” lithography system has been designed and built in co-operation with a commercial partner SUSS Microtec AG. In 2011 Rolith has demonstrated proof of concept by patterning 300 mm x 300 mm glass substrate with nanostructures. The technology roadmap calls for scaling up this method to 1 m substrate sizes by end of 20122 and further up to 3 m wide substrates by 2014. The business model includes multiple revenue streams: nanocoatings sales, specialized masks sales, and royalties from lithography systems and coatings. Rolith operates at 4,000 sq. ft. facility located in Pleasanton, CA and has 5 full employees and 3 consultants, and fully functional lithography, materials processing and metrology Labs.