Prieto Battery, Inc. - Developing A Solid State 3D Li-Ion Battery

K. Froelich
Prieto Battery, Inc., US

Keywords: Battery, Solid State, Li-ion


Prieto Battery has established a scientific breakthrough with its 3-D novel architecture and solid state electrolyte polymer that allows multi-directional flow of Li-ions vs. the current 2-D/thin film technologies on the market today. Prieto’s unique interdigitated structure creates very high surface area that is expected to demonstrate transformational improvements in power density over current Li-ion technologies. As a solid state battery with no liquid electrolyte, it will be very safe and is calculated to have very long cycle life and improved energy density as well. The Prieto team has also concurrently developed a water-based manufacturing process that is non-toxic and will also help in delivering a cost-competitive battery to the market.