Multiple-Stage, Multiple-Objective (MSMO) Optimization, Systems Engineering and High-Performance Sustainable Building

A. Robinson, V. Chen, S. Ferreira
Energy and Resource Technology HUB, US

Keywords: green building, systems engineering, multivariate analysis


High-Performance Sustainable Building encompasses a wide range of inputs and outputs for the designer, engineer, building owner and manager, including Waste, Energy Efficiency, Cost, and Environmental Impact. The fundamental goal is to close the loop on the full life-cycle of building construction and operations. However, the analysis required to balance all of these options can be extraordinarily complex, necessitating the adoption of tools, we argue, available from Multivariate Modeling and Systems Engineering. Accordingly, we have initiated the development of a MSMO “green building” framework using Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments (DACE) to study the impact of these “green building” options.As this is a long-term project, initially we discuss here the overall parameters and systems engineering framework of the program capabilities. In the future we will employ and integrate multiple software platforms which can perform Design, Energy Engineering and Cost and Life Cycle analyses. The overall objective is to develop a comprehensive but flexible methodology which can encompass the full range of “green building” objectives and allow the user to engage the decision-making framework at different entry points.