Clean Technology 2011

Anaheim Center for New Energy Technologies (AC-NET)

Anaheim Center for New Energy Technologies (AC-NET)

The Premier Center for Research, Testing, and Education.

The Anaheim Center for New Energy Technologies (AC-NET) was established in early 2008 through a partnership between the City of Anaheim and Cal State Fullerton. The vision for AC-NET was first introduced to the public by Anaheim City Mayor, Curt Pringle, during his 2008 State of the City Address where he outlined how the “symbiotic relationship between new technology, businesses, growth industries, and universities” could be established in Anaheim through AC-NET.

Combining the technical and innovative strengths of students from Cal State Fullerton along with using Anaheim Public Utilities’ real beta testing facilities, AC-NET is focused on revitalizing the local and regional economy by supporting the efforts of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and ventures in bringing clean energy and water technologies to market. AC-NET aims to be the premier center in Southern California for research, testing, and education in clean energy and water technology.

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