Clean Technology 2011

Microwave-induced acceleration and energy-efficiency of esterification of free fatty acid with a heterogeneous catalyst

D. Kim, J. Choi, G.-J. Kim, S.K. Seol, S. Jung
Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, KR

Keywords: microwave, biodiesel, esterification, free fatty acid, energy efficiency


This presentation shows energy-efficiency of microwave-accelerated esterification of free fatty acid with a heterogeneous catalyst by net microwave power measurement. In the reaction condition of 5wt% sulfated zirconia and 1:20 molar ratio of oil to methanol at 60°C and atmospheric pressure, more than 90% conversion of the esterification was achieved in 20 minutes by microwave heating, while it took about 130 minutes by conventional heating. Electric energy consumption for the microwave heating in this accelerated esterification was only 67% of estimated minimum heat energy demand because of significantly reduced reaction time.

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