Clean Technology 2011

Solidification of Hydrocarbon liquids using CIAgentĀ©, a polymeric solidifier

J.J. Solomon, T.R. Hanley
Auburn University, US

Keywords: solidification, solubility parameter, CIAgentĀ©, thermogram, heat of solidification


The paper characterizes the effectiveness of the solidifier, CIAgentĀ© with a variety of hydrocarbon liquids using a solution calorimeter. The solidifier temperature change measured using the solution calorimeter was used to determine the heat of solidification which indicated the speed of the solidification and the integrity of the by-product. This had great implications on the solidifier applications. The application rates and solidification time had implications on the performance of the solidifier. Heat of solidification and swelling ratios helped in determining the solubility parameter of the solidifier. Deducing the solubility parameter of the polymer aids in the selection of the solidifier for use in a hydrocarbon liquid spill scenario. These results show that use of solidifiers was a viable method for remediation of oil spills.

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