Clean Technology 2011

Polyflow LLC

Location:Ohio, US
Speaker:Joseph D Hensel
Title:Director, Technology Development
Primary Industry:waste to fuels
Executive Summary:Polyflow is commercializing a patented alternative energy technology that utilizes mixed polymer waste as a feedstock to produce transportation fuels and chemical intermediates. Polymer waste ranks favorable with coal, natural gas and wood as a currently available, high volume feedstock. Polymer waste has the highest energy content of any of these feedstocks. The Polyflow process reduces greenhouse gas emissions 80% versus incineration of polymers and is an environmentally sound, process of choice for the disposal of plastic and rubber waste. The technology has the potential to reduce the dependence on foreign oil by as much as half of the 9.4% of consumption used in the manufacture of plastics. The Polyflow technology will revolutionize the global plastics industry. Polyflow has proven the technology through three years of pilot plant operations. Polyflow will: 1. Build value through validation of a continuous process by the construction and operation of a full size production processor and semi-works plant. 2. Generate revenue through the sale of technology, engineering and administrative services, and plants to the petrochemical industry, waste industry and municipalities, through joint ventures, engineering contracts and technology licenses
Venture is:B-Round


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