Clean Technology 2011

Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide - Opportunities and Challenges

M. Grant Norton
GoNano Technologies, Inc, US

Keywords: Photocatalytic, CO2, Carbon Dioxide,


Recycling of carbon dioxide is an alternative approach to sequestration of captured CO2. GoNano Technologies has developed a novel continuous flow reactor technology using a supported TiO2-based photocatalyst that can convert CO2 into value-added C1 compounds such as formic acid (HCOOH), formaldehyde (CH2O), and methanol (CH3OH). A specific benefit of using a photocatalytic process is that solar energy can be used to offset some of the parasitic load associated with all CO2 utilization technologies. By using a continuous flow process, which is enhanced by the patent-protected Nanospring support structure, the reaction conditions can be tuned to favor specific products. This presentation will highlight some of the opportunities associated with recycling of CO2, which include generating revenue through the sale of the chemical products. We will also look at some of the technical challenges involved in materials optimization and the deployment of large-area photocatalytic reactors. This work is supported by the National Science Foundation Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (award number: 1014264).

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