Clean Technology 2011

Solids Characterization of Phase-Changing Aminosilicone-Based CO2-Capture Absorbents

T.E. Westendorf, B.R. Wood, S.E. Genovese, R.J. Perry, R.M. Enick, L. Hong
GE Global Research, US

Keywords: CO2, carbon capture, process engineering


Liquid aminosilicone-based absorbents have been developed that have the potential to significantly reduce the cost of CO2 capture from PC plants. Upon exposure to CO2, these novel absorbents solidify, thereby enabling innovation in CO2 capture process design. A process has been conceived in which the solid CO2-sorbent complex is transported to a pressurized desorber, wherein the solids are heated to release CO2 and regenerate the liquid absorbent for recycle. Pressurized solids transfer is a nontrivial technical challenge, as is known to those skilled in solids handling. The poster will discuss ongoing research to characterize the solid CO2-sorbent complex and further develop the process for lab-scale demonstration. The work is being conducted under ARPA-E contract number DE-AR0000084.

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