Clean Technology 2011

Power stabilization of large-scale wind power generation by pumped-up hydro power generation with Archimedean screw

A. Sugawara, K. Nishijima, M. Mitobe, S. Uehara
Niigata University, JP

Keywords: Archimedean screw, pumped-up hydro power generation, CO2 reduction


In this study, it is considered about the overall planed power generation that estimates by wind velocity data of a weather forecast in large-scale wind power generation of 1000MW class and pumped-up hydro power generation with Archimedean screw. The output fluctuation of wind power generation is about tens of seconds because of the moment of inertia and large-scale capacity of the wind turbine. The adjustment time of thermal power generation, that is, response time is about 30 minutes. The pumped-up hydro power generation (for the response time of about five minutes) and the Archimedean screw mediate carefully the electric power conditioning between wind and thermal power generation, and all the wind power can be taken in a good quality power supply. It is possible to contribute to the CO2 reduction in thermal power generation because most of the energy obtained by wind power generation is supplied to the electric power system as a good quality electric power.

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