Clean Technology 2011

Catalytic Aqueous Phase Reforming of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Production

R. Tungal, R.V. Shende
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US

Keywords: heterogeneous catalyst, nanoparticles, mesoporous, H2, hydrocarbon


A two-stage catalytic aqueous phase reforming (CAPR) of biomass has a great potential for the production of H2 and hydrocarbon fuels. This study reports the synthesis of novel nanoscale bifunctional catalytic material and its utilization in CAPR processing of biomass for the production of higher hydrocarbons. The synthesis of catalyst involved the dissolution of a metal salt precursor in ethanol/water solution containing a surfactant (Brij-76 or pluronic 123) followed by gelation using propylene oxide. As prepared gels were aged, dried, and calcined at 400-600oC. The powders thus obtained were immobilized with Ni-Cu/Ni-Co by wet-incipient method followed by reduction in H2 environment. Catalytic materials were characterized using Uv/Vis spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, FTIR, SEM/EDX and TEM. The SEM images of novel catalytic materials prepared using sol-gel followed by wet-incipient method indicate nanoparticles of 18-52 nm and pores size of 6-12 nm. Synthesis and characterization of nanoscale bifunctional catalytic materials and their utilization for H2 and hydrocarbon production from various lignocellulosic biomass will be presented.

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