Clean Technology 2011

Nanotechnology Developments in Alberta for Energy and Environment

M. Summers, D. Nguyen, S. Singh, E. Isaacs
Alberta Innovates: Energy and Environment Solutions, CA

Keywords: nanotechnology, alberta, renewable energy, environment


The Province of Alberta in Western Canada has extensive renewable and hydrocarbon resources. Alberta is also developing into an international nanotechnology hub. With increasing energy demand and mounting environmental concerns, Alberta is in a strong position to utilize the promising potential of nanotechnology to develop these resources in a sustainable manner. This presentation will outline the Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions (EES) nanotechnology strategy and how the implementation of this strategy will help achieve its strategic goals. It will also highlight examples of technology development activities being undertaken as part of EES’s nanotechnology strategy. Examples include nano-porous metal organic frameworks for CO2 sorption, and ultra-long carbon nanotube array based high energy density supercapacitors for wind turbine energy storage.

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