Clean Technology 2011

Nano Structured Lithium Manganese Spinel with New Properties for Li-ion Battery

E. Shembel, V. Redko, V. Maslov, V. Pisny, I. Maksyuta. T. Pastuchkin, L. Neduzhko, A. Markevich, N. Zaderey, A. Tron
Enerize Corporation, US

Keywords: nanostructure, manganese spinel, synthesis, conductivity, cathode, Li-ion battery, energy, power


One of the most important problems for Li-ion batteries is connected with the requirements for low cost, environmentally friendly cathode material with high electrochemical properties. Lithium manganese spinel is among the most attractive materials. At the same time, manganese spinel as a cathode material requires additional improvements for increasing specific energy per weight and per volume, for increasing operating range of voltage, and ensuring long cycling life. Nanotechnology is an excellent tool for managing the structure of manganese spinel and solving the problems which were noted above. The nano structured lithium manganese spinel was synthesized by the proprietary Enerize technology. The Enerize proprietary chemical MnO2 with high density and high electronic conductivity was used as a starting material for the spinel synthesis. Step-by-step process of heat treatment of LiMn2O4 spinel in the process of synthesis adjusts the nano structure of the final material. The powder of the synthesized nanostructured spinel has high tap density and high electronic conductivity. The new LiMn2O4 spinel has conductivity almost three time higher than LiCoO2 and almost 40% higher than LiMn2O4 from other sources. Because of the higher bulk conductivity, this spinel material can yield higher power density in Li-ion batteries than lithium cobalt oxides.

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