Clean Technology 2011

(withdrawn) Solvent-Free Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) of Polymers: Commercialization and Scale-Up

H.G. Pryce Lewis, N.P. Bansal, A.J. White, E.S. Handy
GVD Corporation, US

Keywords: CVD, chemical vapor deposition, PTFE, polymer, conformal, solvent-free, coating, scale-up


GVD Corporation is commercializing solvent-free, chemically-pure polymer coatings formed by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). GVD’s all-dry coatings currently include fluorocarbons, polysiloxanes, and electrically-conductive polymers. Solvent-free, vapor-phase deposition allows GVD’s polymers to form a “shrink-wrap” coating on nearly any substrate, including those with complicated or very small surface features (nanotubes, membranes, etc). GVD’s materials are polymerized and deposited as coatings at the same time, which obviates the need for harmful VOCs and affords coatings that are spectroscopically-indistinguishable from conventional wet-applied analogues. GVD’s technology is especially valuable for creating ultra-thin layers of insoluble, infusible polymers which are hard to process by conventional means, like PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon®). GVD PTFE coatings are used commercially in industrial and semiconductor applications. GVD has focused on scale-up of CVD coating equipment and has developed several standard coating systems, including a pilot scale roll-to-roll coater. All of GVD’s coating systems are complete with a fully automated, computer based control system, and include options for an effluent monitor and exhaust scrubber.

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