Clean Technology 2011

Influence of Nanoparticles on the dielectric properties of polycarbonate

N. Bestaoui-Spurr, J. Cross, T. Singh
Lynntech, US

Keywords: polymer nanocomposite, polycarbone, energy storage, dielectric properties


With an ever increasing demand for high energy density capacitors for pulse power and hybrid vehicles applications, there has been a renewed interest in developing new materials with improved dielectric properties. Polymers/ceramics are promising materials for such capacitors; they combine the high dielectric constant of the ceramic and the high breakdown strength, processability and flexibility of polymers. As the size of the filler decreases to the nanometer range, the interfacial area between the particles and the polymer becomes very large and predominant. In this work, we prepared polymer nanocomposites containing surface modified titanium oxide nanoparticles with polycarbonate. The inorganic nanoparticles were surface modified to make them compatible with the polymer and allow a full distribution with no agglomeration within the polycarbonate. The films were prepared by a solution casting process and composites with unmodified nanoparticles were also fabricated for comparison. The dielectric properties of the films were determined for various volume fractions of titanium oxide nanoparticles. We have shown that the nanocomposite films have improved properties compare to their composite counter parts and that for films with 3 wt% loading of modified nanoparticles the breakdown strength reaches a maximum while the dielectric constant increased 77% compared to unfilled polymer.

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