Clean Technology 2011

Electrochemical Production of Environmentally Friendly Oxidizer Potassium Ferrate (invited presentation)

C. Nelson, N. Bestaoui-Spurr
Lynntech, US

Keywords: Potassium Ferrate, electrochemical production method


Ferrate (FeIVO42-) has gained considerable interest because of its potential use in high-energy density rechargeable batteries, organic synthesis, and water treatment. Recently, there has been an increase in applications of ferrate to remediate pollutants and toxins from water and waster water. It acts simultaneously as a powerful oxidant, disinfectant, and coagulant for the whole range of pH in water. Furthermore, it is an environment-friendly chemical because a nontoxic coagulant, Fe(III), is produced as a by-product. The overall objective of this work was to develop and evaluate a simple, cost effective process for producing high purity potassium ferrate powders utilizing the advantages associated with electrochemical methods. The primary focus of this work was the development of a single chamber electrochemical cell that does not require an ion exchange membrane to separate the sacrificial iron anode and cathode thereby lowering cost of production.

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