Clean Technology 2011

High Performance Supercapacitors Based on Nano-Engineered Electrodes

K. Jiang, T.D. Curl, Q.K. Wang, L. Zhang, H. Fong
Agiltron Inc, US

Keywords: supercapacitor, ultracapacitor, EDLC, power density, energy density, capacitance, nanomaterials, nanotechnology


Supercapacitors are indispensable energy storage and conversion devices with wide applications because of their power delivery performance that fills the gap between dielectric capacitors and traditional batteries. We report on the development of a novel nano-engineered porous carbon based EDLC supercapacitor electrode with ideal electrode structure properties of high surface area, tunable pore size, uniform pore size distribution and highly electrical conductivity, achieving more than two times the energy density and ten times the power density of the conventional carbon-based supercapacitors. This combination of high energy density and high power density has not been previously reported.

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