Clean Technology 2010

Smart Grid

Advisory Commitee Chair

Alex Kim
Director – Customer Innovations, C.E.M., LEED AP, San Diego Gas and Electric Company

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Duval Mark Duvall
Director, Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Turrentine Tom Turrentine
Director, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Center and Research Anthropologist Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis
Martin Graham Martin
Chairman & CEO,
EnOcean Alliance

Dimitri Kazarinoff Dimitri Kazarinoff
Vice President and General Manager,
Hybrid Power Systems, Eaton Corp.
Donald Karner Donald Karner
President, ETEC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ECOtality)
Cheemin Bo-Linn Cheemin Bo-Linn
CEO and President, Peritus Partners, Inc.
F. Michael Valocchi F. Michael Valocchi
Vice-President/Partner, Global Energy and Utilities Leader, IBM Global Business Services
Jeff Brunings Jeff Brunings
Director, Strategic Marketing, Altairnano, Inc.
Chandler Williamson Chandler Williamson
VP, Business Development, Pentadyne Power Corporation
Chris Wheaton Chris Wheaton
COO & Founder, EnerG2
Frank D. Hoss
Senior Manager
Kenneth Van Meter Kenneth Van Meter
Principal, Energy & Cyber Services
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Gary Paul
VP and Smart Grid Practice Leader
Michael Breen Michael Breen
VP of Finance & CFO, Xtreme Power Solutions
Jim O'Callaghan Jim O'Callaghan
President, EnOcean, Inc.
George Goodman George Goodman
Architect, Intel Open Energy Initiative, Intel Corporation
Michael Montoya Michael Montoya
Director, Engineering Advancement, Southern California Edison
 David Meyers David Meyers
Business Development, EnerNOC
Janice Lin Janice Lin
Co-Founder & Director
CA Energy Storage Alliance
Ryan Hledik Ryan Hledik
Senior Associate
The Brattle Group
Doug Houseman Doug Houseman
VP, Technology & Innovations
Greg Tropsa Greg Tropsa
VP & Co-Founder, Ice Energy
Frank Goodman Frank Goodman
Senior Technology
Development Advisor
Joaquin Silva Joaquin Silva
President & CEO, On-Ramp Wireless, Inc. CO
Gregory Trimarche Gregory Trimarche
Co-Chair, CleanTech OC, Bryan Cave LLP
Clarke Stephen R. Clarke
CEO, Applied Intellectual Capital
Steve Rogers Steve Rogers
VP, Capgemini
Stan Blazewicz
VP Global Head of Technology, National Grid

Mark Lane
CEO, RTP Controls

Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 22

10:30 Designing Sustainable Cities
10:30 Smart Grid: Long Term Opportunities and Challenges
1:30 Smart Grid: IT- Efficiency, Reliability, Security
1:30 Creating the Smart Building
1:30 Utility Technology Challenge
3:00 Policies & Financing for Sustainable Cities
3:30 Utility Technology Challenge
4:30 Green Building & Grid
4:00 Poster Session and TechConnect Expo (4:00 - 6:00)

Wednesday June 23

8:30 Technology & Finance for Smart Grid: Keynote Panel
8:30 Government & Alternative Commercialization Funding - DOD, NASA, DOE, SBIR & RIC
10:00 Networking Coffee Break
10:30 Smart Grid: Technologies and Applications
3:30 Managing Peak Power - renewables, smart grid & demand management
4:00 Poster Session and TechConnect Expo Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Expo Hall
6:00 TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (6:00 - 8:00) - Ballroom 3rd Floor

Thursday June 24

8:30 Cleantech Keynotes
9:00 Cleantech Keynote Panel: Hottest clean technologies for VCs - who will they fund next?
10:00 TechConnect Innovation Showcase Coffee Break - Ballroom 3rd Floor
10:30 Creating Infrastructure for EV
10:30 Energy Efficiency and Green Building Case Studies
1:30 TechConnect Ventures: Cleantech Storage & Power
3:00 TechConnect Ventures: Cleantech Efficiency, Grid & Transportation
1:30 Grid Storage: State of Industry
5:00 TechConnect Investment Networking Reception - Second Floor

Symposium Program

Tuesday June 22

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10:30Designing Sustainable CitiesRoom 202 B
Session chair: Fred Smoller, Brandman University, US
-J. Wolch, University of California, Berkeley, US
-J. Ricks, SDG&E, US
-D. Klapsis, Studiodnk/USGBC, US
-G. Goldberg, City of Los Angeles, US
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10:30Smart Grid: Long Term Opportunities and ChallengesRoom 204 B
Session chair: Gary Paul, Ernst & Young, US
-N. Trivedi, Accenture, US
-G. Paul, Capgemini, US
-M. Valocchi, IBM Global Business, US
-K. Devore, Southern California Edison, US
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1:30Smart Grid: IT- Efficiency, Reliability, SecurityRoom 204 B
Session chair: Steve Rogers, Capgemini, US
-G. Goodman, Intel Corporation, US
-C. Bo-Linn, Peritus Partners, Inc, US
-K. Van Meter, Lockheed Martin Corp., US
-P. DiMartini, Cisco, US
-TBD, Hewlett Packard, US
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1:30Creating the Smart BuildingRoom 202 A
Session chair: Dimitri Klapsis, Studiodnk/USGBC
-D. Fogal, Honeywell Building Solutions, US
-M. Graham, EnOcean Alliance, US
-B. Dixon, Siemens Building Technologies, US
-F. Austin, Phillips, US
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1:30Utility Technology ChallengeRoom 204 C
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
1:30PRD Tech, Inc.
R. Govind, PRD Tech, Inc., US
1:45Parker Hannifin Corporation
D. Thompson, Parker Hannifin Corporation, US
2:00E3 Greentech Enterprises, Inc.
E. Smith, E3 Greentech Enterprises, Inc., US
2:15Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
R. Vero, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., US
A. Deyonker, eMeter, US
2:45Rainforest Automation
C. Tumpach, Rainforest Automation, Canada
3:00Ballard Power Systems, Inc.
K. Kassam, Ballard Power Systems, Inc., Canada
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3:00Policies & Financing for Sustainable CitiesRoom 202 B
Session chair: Gail Golberg, City of Los Angeles, US
-B. Hooper, City & County of San Francisco, US
-W. Anderson, City of San Diego, US
-E. Drummond, Former Mayor of Manitou Springs, CO, US
-A. Klemm, City of Huntington Beach, US
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3:30Utility Technology ChallengeRoom 204 C
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
3:30Ener-G-Rotors, Inc.
M. Newell, Ener-G-Rotors, Inc., US
3:45Enmetric Systems, Inc.
J. Masters, Enmetric Systems, Inc., US
4:00EchoGen Power Systems, Inc.
M. Persichilli, EchoGen Power Systems, Inc., US
4:15PVT Solar, Inc.
R. Narayanamurthy, PVT Solar, Inc., US
4:30Grid Manager A/S
M. Birkelund, Grid Manager A/S, DK
4:45Prism Solar Technologies
J. Barry, Prism Solar Technologies, US
N. Isreal, Envirock, US
5:15QM Power
P. Piper, QM Power, US
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4:30Green Building & GridExpo Theater 1
Session chair: George Elvin, Green Tech Forum, US
4:30SITUMBRA – A new concept in energy efficient building façade systems
4:45Green Technology and Emergency Preparedness: Code compliance and innovation with photoluminescent technology
J. Burke, Safe Glow Corporation, US
5:00Consumers and the Smart Grid – How can we succeed?
P. Nagel, Control4, US
5:15Creating a smart grid and vitrual power plant with the PowerRouter
F.C. Smits, Nedap N.V., NL
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4:00Poster Session and TechConnect Expo (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall

Wednesday June 23

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8:30Technology & Finance for Smart Grid: Keynote PanelRoom 204 BC
Session chair: Paul Dickerson, Haynes & Boone, US
-J. Silva, On-Ramp Wireless, Inc., US
-M. Breen, Xtreme Power, US
-D. Wood, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, US
-M. Montoya, Southern California Edison, US
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8:30Government & Alternative Commercialization Funding - DOD, NASA, DOE, SBIR & RICRoom 207 D
Session chair: Kelly Carnes, TechVision21, US
8:30DOE SBIR Funding Opportunities
D. Goodwin, US Department of Energy, US
8:50DOD Commercialization Funding Opportunities
F. Barros, US Department of Homeland Security, US
9:10NASA Commercialization Funding Opportunities
R. Pisarski, NASA/Ames, US
9:30Renewable Energy Commercialization
J. Croce, Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization, US
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10:00Networking Coffee BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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10:30Smart Grid: Technologies and ApplicationsRoom 202 A
Session chair: Cheemin Bo-Linn, Peritus Partners, Inc, US
10:30New Technologies for Distribution Network under Massive Renewable Energy Installation
S. Tamura, Hitachi, Ltd., JP
10:50Permanent Distributed Load Reduction — A low-cost grid capacity solution
J. Sandersen, Orion Energy Systems, US
11:10Connecting the Smart Grid with PCN Grid MicroCircuits
V. Shastri, PCN Technology, Inc., US
11:30Smart Grid: The Application Layer is Up and Running!
D. Meyer, EnerNOC, US
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3:30Managing Peak Power - renewables, smart grid & demand managementRoom 204 A
Session chair: Greg Trimarche Bryan Cave LLC, US
-D. Meyers, EnerNOC, US
-G. Troposa, Ice Energy, US
-R. Hledik, The Brattle Group, US
-M. Lane, RTP Controls, US
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4:00Poster Session and TechConnect Expo Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Expo HallExpo Hall
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6:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (6:00 - 8:00) - Ballroom 3rd FloorBallroom BC

Thursday June 24

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8:30Cleantech KeynotesBallroom A
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
8:30Commercialization Programs at ARPA-E
S.J. Wagle, ARPA-E, US
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9:00Cleantech Keynote Panel: Hottest clean technologies for VCs - who will they fund next?Ballroom A
Session chair: Andrew Heckler, Brightfield Energy, US
-S. Goldberg, Venrock, US
-D. Malkani, RockPort Capital Partners, US
-A. Wong, D.E. Shaw & Co., L.P., US
-D. Dreesen, Battery Ventures, US
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10:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Coffee Break - Ballroom 3rd FloorBallroom BC
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10:30Creating Infrastructure for EVRoom 204 A
Session chair: Alex Kim, SGD&E, US
-M. Duval, EPRI, US
-M. Nicholas, UC Davis, US
-D. Karner, eTec, US
-J. Pointon, SGG&E, US
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10:30Energy Efficiency and Green Building Case StudiesRoom 207 A
10:30Efficiency’s Last Frontier: Reflective Building Surfaces
H.C. Wiig, State of Hawaii Energy Office, US
10:50The Clean Energy Landscape- Linking Cyberspace with Real World Impact
A. Wise, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
11:10Study Evidence That Sustainable Design Practices Help Manufacturing Companies Increase Profits and Growth
S. Krasley, Autodesk, Inc., US
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1:30TechConnect Ventures: Cleantech Storage & PowerRoom 207 C
Session chair: Dhiraj Malkani, Rockport Capital, US
1:30Paper Battery Company Inc
S. Mehta, Paper Battery Company, US
A. Shnaydruk, Yunasko, UA
1:50Graphene Energy Inc
D. Agnihotri, Graphene Energy Inc, US
C. Officer, Anzode, US
2:10Angstron Supercapacitor Co
R. Beech, Angstron Supercapacitor Co., US
2:20NanoeXa, Inc
J. Chen, NanoeXa, Inc, US
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3:00TechConnect Ventures: Cleantech Efficiency, Grid & TransportationRoom 207 C
Session chair: Cheemin Bo-Linn, Peritus Partners, Inc., US
3:00ThinkEco Inc
M. Shibata, ThinkEco, Inc., US
3:10EcoThermics Corporation
M. Rocke, EcoThermics Corporation, US
3:20Ener-G-Rotors, Inc
T. Eveleth, Ener-G-Rotors, Inc., US
3:30AC Research Lab, Inc
T. Vo, AC Research Lab, Inc., US
3:40Motiv Power Systems, Inc
J. Castelaz, Motiv Power Systems, Inc., US
3:50Tour Engine, Inc
O. Tour, Tour Engine, Inc., US
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1:30Grid Storage: State of IndustryRoom 203 AB
Session chair: Mindi Farber-DeAnda, SAIC, US
-J. Lin, CA Energy Storage Alliance, US
-F. Goodman, Sempra Utilities, US
-S. Tobias, National Grid, US
-S. Clarke, Applied Intellectual Capital, US
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5:00TechConnect Investment Networking Reception - Second FloorFoyer 2nd Floor


Welcome to the CTSI Special Symposium on Energy Transmission and Storage. This program focus on the state-of-art in most all grid technologies, including smart grid innovations, intelligent metering energy transmission and storage. We welcome your submission into the following non-exclusive list of topics and we look forward to your participation.

*If interested in organizing a specific business panel or symposium, please contact Regina Ramazzini .

Topics & Application Areas

  • Smart Grid Advancements
  • Grid Storage
  • Transmission Technology
  • Distributed Generation
  • Renewable Integration
  • Frequency Regulation Technologies
  • Sensing & Monitoring Devices
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Grid Components: Inverters to Insulators
  • FACTS and HVDC
  • Transmission & Distribution Planning & Management
  • Other
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