Clean Technology 2010
Kenichi Mori

Kenichi Mori

General Manager of New Business Development

Fuji Electric Corp of America

Kenichi Mori is a general manager of new business development for Fuji Electric Corp of America. Fuji Electric has been focusing on clean and green technology business through power electronics and automation as core technologies. The latest business focusing areas range from solar power, geothermal, fuel cell, HEV components, green IDC and smart grid. Fuji Electric globally seeks the opportunities of business partnership and technology licensing to accelerate Fuji‘s innovative R&D and to help technology venture companies succeed in clean and green technology market. Mori has 12 years experience in CMOS analog and digital circuit design for the range sensor. For 2 years he was involved in a smart sensor project for robotics vision at Robotics Institute, Carnegie Melon University as a visiting scholar. For last 6 years, he has been in charge of the corporate R&D strategy, project management and technology marketing for Fuji Electric Holding and Fuji Electric Device Technology in both U.S and Japan. Currently, he is responsible for the new business development for Fuji Electric Group in USA. Mr. Mori earned his MS in Nuclear Engineering from Kyushu University in Fukuoka Japan.
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