Clean Technology 2010

New Sky Energy

Location:CO, US
Speaker:Deane Little PhD
Primary Industry:Carbon Negative CO2 Manufacturing Company
Executive Summary:New Sky Energy is a carbon negative chemical manufacturing company. New Sky’s proprietary capture process scrubs CO2 from the air and converts it into safe, stable chemicals. We produce chemicals at or below market prices in a process that is more energy efficient and less polluting than current technologies. Our customers use these chemicals in conventional glass, plastic, fertilizer and other manufacturing and industrial processes. In addition, our chemicals can be cost-effectively used in new types of building materials, durable goods, and other manufactured products. Consumers and manufacturers can fight global warming simply by buying products containing New Sky’s C-negative chemicals. New Sky’s process is a two step chemical pathway. In the first step, New Sky uses industrial wastewater or salt as a feedstock to create hydrogen, oxygen, acid, and base (lye). In the second step, New Sky converts its base to market-ready carbonates by trapping CO2 from air or flue gas. The end products are carbon negative. New Sky will partner with large industrial companies that already purchase the chemicals we make, but from polluting sources with great price volatility. New Sky is now in a joint venture with a water district, using agricultural drainage water as a feedstock.
Venture is:Seed Level

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