Clean Technology 2010

GoNano Technologies

Location:Id, US
Speaker:Tim Kinkeade
Primary Industry:Pollution & Recycling
Executive Summary:GoNano Technologies has developed ThriftCat™, a high surface area catalyst support, which enables the reduction of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) for the $16 billion catalytic converter market. Through increased accessible surface area, ThriftCat catalyst support reduces the amount of precious metals required for catalytic converter operation by up to 50%. A typical automotive catalytic converter core uses approximately one gram of precious metals at a current cost of $45 per gram with an average of 2.1 inserts per automobile. The reduction of one-half the PGM in catalytic converters equates industry wide (50 Million automobiles) annual savings of over $2.3 billion. Cost control pressures from the automotive industry are forcing catalytic converter companies to mitigate rising PGM cost through technology. Manufacturers are also seeking shorter warm up or light off periods for catalytic converters. Early adopters are eagerly seeking technology based solutions to broaden their market positions. To that end, GoNano Technologies is under NDA with two leading catalytic converter companies who are evaluating ThriftCat catalytic inserts.
Venture is:Seed Level

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