Clean Technology 2010

Windation Energy Systems

Location:CA, US
Title:CEO & Founder
Primary Industry:Wind Power
Executive Summary:Windation Energy Systems has developed an urban-wind rooftop turbine for commercial and industrial buildings, a $500B market opportunity. Designed to resemble a commercial AC unit with no exposed moving parts, Windation’s 5 kW turbine has a cubic geometry (10x9x9 feet) to overcome permitting and installation hurdles while eliminating the threat poised to wildlife. Windation’s unit is a ducted wind system that captures turbulent rooftop wind from all directions and forms a smooth input stream. A vortex is created beneath the internal turbine that enables a vacuum effect, pulling more wind into the frame and amplifying output. Each unit produces 10,000 kWh per year in average wind speeds of 12 mph, and requires only 30 square feet of separation. Units can be scaled to form rooftop wind farms on individual buildings to increase on-site generation capacity from 5 kW to more than 100 kW, further reducing a building’s energy bills. Windation has an established manufacturing partner in the US with revenue generation in 2010 based on a solid sales pipeline of over $3M in proposals. The company is raising a $5M series A round to facilitate sales and marketing activities as well as the installation of additional demo units.
Venture is:A-Round

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