Clean Technology 2010

Diesel Production from Waste Disposal using Catalytic Dissociation on Mn-zeolite Catalyst

M.C. Kim, K.B. Lee
Cheongju University, KR

Keywords: diesel, waste disposal, catalytic dissociation, Mn-zeolite


The approach for catalytic dissociation of waste diaposal using various catalysts is presented. This approach includes two principal steps: a characterization of catalysts is used to determine the active site of prepared catalysts, and the performance of dissociation reaction is used to determine the yield for diesel. At the result, the highest yield for diesel oil(C13~C22) was obtained on the Mn-zeolite catalyst. Mn-zeolite consists of Mn2Al4Si5O18 and Na6MnAl4Si8O26 structures. Noble metal catalysts have good dissociation activity, and good yield for light oil (C5~C12), however, they have poor yield for diesel oil.
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