Clean Technology 2010

Measuring Degradation Processes of Model Coatings Related to Bioenergy Applications

M.C. Dixon, A. Oom
Q-Sense a Division of Biolin Scientific, US

Keywords: bioenergy, degradation, degradation mechanism, QCM-D, cellulose


Degradation mechanisms are relevant to a wide variety of applications including the bioenergy, biomaterial, semiconductor, and detergent industries. Therefore, it is of interest to study these mechanisms, for example, to better tailor formulations for enzymatic degradation efficiency. Studying real-time degradation processes is often not a trivial task. In this light, we present a procedure for developing model coatings to test degradation processes and then we monitor the degradation of these coatings with a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D) instrument to fundamentally better understand the process. The results suggest a potential degradation mechanism that may be common to a wide variety of different coatings from a number of different industries.
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