Clean Technology 2010

Oil-Free Modular System Designs for Industrial Compressors and Renewable Energy Turbine Generator Systems

H. Heshmat, James F. Walton II
Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc., US

Keywords: renewable energy, turbogenerator


In this presentation, MiTi®’s advanced oil-free compressor and renewable energy turbogenerator products using its patented 4th generation compliant foil bearings will be described and benefits discussed. Because compliant foil bearings do not use any lubricating oils, environmental concerns are eliminated, system efficiency is substantially increased and both operating and maintenance costs are reduced. Compressor O&M cost reductions of 50% are possible. Similarly, the increased efficiency of the high speed oil-free turbogenerator results in shorter payback periods. Through the use of common components between both the oil free compressors and turbogenerator products we well as modular system designs reduced system acquisition costs will also be possible. Example system applications will be presented.
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