Clean Technology 2010

Nanosystems for Medicine, Information Technology and Energy

P. Sonntag
Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) - Cluster of Excellence Cluster of Universitys, DE

Keywords: Nanosystems for Medicine, Nanosystems Initiative Munich, NIM


The Cluster of Excellence „Nanosystems Initiative Munich“ (NIM) brings together more than 60 research groups with over 300 scientists in the Munich area covering the fields of physics, biophysics, physical chemistry, chemistry, biology, electrical engineering, and medicine. NIM merges their combined expertise on man-made and biological nanoscale systems into a coherent and focused nanoscience cluster. While many individual nanoscale building blocks and components have been devised in recent years using top-down and bottom-up strategies, little is known about their integration into entire functional systems. The overarching vision guiding the research in this cluster is therefore to design, fabricate and achieve control of a broad range of artificial and multi-functional nanoscale systems, and to unlock their potential for possible applications in fields as diverse as future information technologies, the life sciences, or combinations of both. To this end, it is essential to gain a fundamental understanding D52 of their properties and behavior, which range from being purely quantum mechanical to being governed mainly by stochastic effects. We will report on recent scientific results concerning the major D52 research fields of NIM.
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