Clean Technology 2010

New Technologies for Distribution Network under Massive Renewable Energy Installation

S. Tamura
Hitachi, Ltd., JP

Keywords: grid, network, Renewable Energy


Japan has a goal to reduce green house gas emission by 25% over levels by 2020. In order to achieve it, we will introduce 28GW solar generation by 2020. The figure will be composed of its 80% roof-top photovoltaic and 20% mega-solar generation. The massive renewable energy of roof-top photovoltaic connected to distribution lines gives rise to distribution network voltage problem, which is caused by the reverse power of distribution lines coming from the generation of renewable energy. Under the above situation, a demonstration project was executed to verify new voltage control software and new devices in distribution network in Japan. The new voltage control software consists of state estimation and optimal voltage control, and the new devices are D-SVC (Distribution Static Var Compensator), LBC (Loop Balance Controller). This presentation will introduce the overview of demonstration project, how to solve the optimal voltage control, and the role and specifications of new devices. In the voltage control verification of this project, D-SVC and SVR (Step Voltage Regulator) are used. As D-SVC can change its var continuously and SVR can change its tap discretely, the new algorithm which can deal with both continuous variables and discrete variables to solve the optimal voltage control was developed. LBC is a new device, which is an application of IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) and a FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System), and it can play a role of control for active power flow between two distribution lines and reactive power of the both distribution lines. We believe that the new voltage control software and new devices developed in the demonstration project in Japan can be applicable to the future distribution network all over the world where voltage problem is issued by the massive renewable energy connected to distribution lines.
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