Clean Technology 2010

Synthsis of Some new bistriazolidine derivatives for biological interest

A.S. Yanni
Assiut university, EG

Keywords: cycloaddition, symmetrical azines, bistriazolidine derivatives


Representatives of this system belong to a class of biological active compounds and at the same time are excellent starting materials for devloping a new type of biolgical active compounds. The title compounds were prepared by one pot criss-cross cycloaddition reaction of symmetrical azines I and II(1 mole) with HNCS generated in situ from potassium salts by acetic acid. The molecular structure of the products is reported and discussed. REFERENCES: 1-Wagner Jauregg, Ber.,63,3224(1930). 2-Van Alphen, Rec.Trav.Chem.,61,892(1942). 3-Amal Sabet Yanni,16th International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry,San Diego,CA.,USA. August,4-9 (2002). 4-Amal Sabet Yanni,Polymer Networks Conference, Bethesda,MD.,USA. August,15-19(2004). 5-Amal Sabet Yanni,10th Annual Green Chemistry Conference, Washington DC, USA. June,24-29(2006). 6-Amal Sabet Yanni,12th Annual Green Chemistry Conference, Washington DC, USA. June,23-27(2008). 7-Man,S.; Kulhanek,P.; Necas,M.;Tetrahedron lett.,43,6431 (2002). 8-Jiri Verner; Milan Protacek, Central European Journal of Chemistry 2(1)220-233(2004).
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