Clean Technology 2010

Effect of EGR on Cylinder pressure, Heat Release and Delay Period Using Biodiesel as Fuel for Diesel Engine

M.S. Shehata
Benha University, EG

Keywords: diesel engine, EGR, jojoba, sunflower oil, cylinder pressure


ABSTRACT Experimental study has been carried out to investigate effect of EGR on engine cylinder pressure, heat release and delay period using sunflower oil and jojoba/diesel blend (B20) in comparison with diesel fuel. The used engine is a single cylinder, four strokes direct injection diesel engine with compression ratio of 17, bore of 100 mm and stroke of 105 mm. The running tests are conducted at different engine speeds, loads with and without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) from 0 to 12% of fresh charge air. Heat release parameters (net/gross heat release rates, net/gross cumulative heat release, heat flux to cylinder wall), engine indicate torque, and ignition delay period with and without EGR are calculated using cylinder pressure measurements with the help of Math Lab software. The results indicate that the position of (dP/dθ)max for diesel fuel is earlier then for sunflower fuel and B20 blend. For different EGR, (dP/dθ)max for sunflower is higher than for diesel fuel on contrast (dP/dθ)max for B20 is less than diesel fuel. So addition of jojoba oil to diesel fuel reduces combustion noise on contrast sunflower increases combustion noise. EGR is necessary for using sunflower as an alternative fuel for diesel engines. Also, using EGR decreases combustion noise. Sunflower fuel and B20 blend give less heat release parameters (net/gross heat release rates, net/gross cumulative heat release, heat transfer to cylinder wall) and indicate torque less than diesel fuel. Sunflower fuel and B20 blend have shorter ignition delay than diesel fuel for different engine speeds and EGR. The present study contributes in relating combustion characteristics of jojoba and sunflower as alternative fuel for diesel engines with EGR at different operating conditions. It is also necessary for further development and decreasing high running cost of biodiesel fuel as alternative fuel for diesel engines.
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