Clean Technology 2010

SITUMBRA – A new concept in energy efficient building façade systems

H. Giles

Keywords: sustainable buildings, energy efficient windows, solar control


Up to 48% of the energy consumed in the US goes to meeting commercial and residential building needs, and windows typically account for about 30% of overall building heating and cooling requirements. Many building owners have seen energy costs triple over the past ten years. Our product SITUMBRA, addresses these issues by providing a new concept window technology that is energy efficient and cost-effective. Unlike existing window systems that are based on standard configurations with fixed properties that require a tradeoff between insulation and shading performance, SITUMBRA can be customized as a structurally self sufficient and transparent window system with integrated passive shading elements. These uniquely combine to provide beneficial solar seasonal behavior and high insulation properties with good light transmission characteristics. Our product has demonstrated 25% greater energy efficiency than low-emissivity coated double glazed window systems and ongoing technology development is expected to achieve efficiencies of 300%.
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