Clean Technology 2010

Study Evidence That Sustainable Design Practices Help Manufacturing Companies Increase Profits and Growth

S. Krasley
Autodesk, Inc., US

Keywords: sustainable design


In this presentation, Sarah Krasley, Industry Solutions Manager, Sustainability at Autodesk, will discuss her company’s role in helping a number of companies balance cost considerations and implement sustainable design methodologies to improve business operations, new product design, and the entire product development process. In executing this mandate, design professionals confront the challenge of developing innovative products while balancing environmental concerns. They are seeking design tools that enable them to make choices that reinforce sustainability at key points in the design, engineering, and manufacturing process, while reducing the number of physical prototypes and decreasing overall costs. In this presentation, Ms. Krasley will cite case study examples of how discrete manufacturing companies implement sustainable design and manufacturing processes and how digital prototyping is fundamental to this approach. She will discuss how companies are using product design and development tools to design, visualize and simulate systems with high sustainability factors and implementing 3D virtual simulation techniques to better understand how their product designs impact the environment. Ms. Krasley will illustrate the vital role that digital prototyping can play in designing sustainable practices that are integral to corporate strategy and future business success.
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