Clean Technology 2010

Consumers and the Smart Grid – How can we succeed?

P. Nagel
Control4, US

Keywords: smart grid


Control4 brings to the market an in-home energy management system that is based on years of creating an easy to use consumer application that controls everything from entertainment to lights in homes around the world. Already in late 2009, Control4’s energy solution is being piloted by utilities around the country that recognize the systems in the home and how consumers who interact with them are crucial to how well the smart grid works. In this company presentation, Control4 will discuss the market opportunity for in-home displays; present the Control4 solution and results from trials and rollouts that will be in process and completed by the time of the presentation. Control4 is a well capitalized company with a strong track record in the home automation industry. They work all the key players in home devices, from the CE industry to appliances. As the operating system for the smart home that intelligently controls disparate devices and systems, the company has the opportunity to help consumers and utilities increase opt in for demand response events and strategically manage energy fluctuations in the home. Control4 was recently named one of the top ten finalists in the GreenBeat Innovation Competition in November 2009.
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