Nanovesicle‐Bioactive Conjugates Prepared by a One‐Step Scalable Method

N. Ventosa, I. Cabrera, E. Elizondo, O. Esteban, J.L. Corchero, M. Melgarejo, D. Pulido, A. Córdoba, E. Moreno, U. Unzueta

Keywords: nanovesicle, bioconjugate, scalable methodology, one-step process


Integration of therapeutic biomolecules, such as proteins, peptides, and stealth agents in nanovesicles is a widely used strategy to improve their stability and efficacy. However, translation of these promising nanomedicines to clinical tests is still challenged by the complexity involved in the preparation of functional nanovesicles, their reproducibility, scalability and low cost production. Here we introduce a simple one-step methodology based on the use of CO2-expanded solvents to prepare multifunctional nanovesicle-bioactive conjugates. We demonstrate high vesicle-to-vesicle homogeneity in terms of size and lamelarity, excellent batch-to-batch consis-tency and reproducibility upon scaling-up. Importantly, the procedure is readily amenable to the integration/encapsulation of multiple components into the nanovesicles in a single step process. The simplicity, reproducibility and scalability renders our novel one-step fabrication process ideal for the rapid and low cost development of nanomedicines that can be transfer into potential market products or translation into clinical trials