SERS Analysis of Dopamine Using Chitosan-gold Nanoshell on Optical Fiber

J-W Lim, I-J Kang
Gachon University, KR

Keywords: chitosan-gold nanoshell, dopamine sensor, optical fiber


Parkinson’s disease is related to the amount of dopamine present in the brain since dopamine is secreted less in those with Parkinson’s than those without. This research is aimed to determine dopamine levels as they pertain to Parkinson’s disease. In analyzing dopamine concentration, Chitosan-gold nanoshell combined with optical fiber was used. Chitosan-gold nanoshell adhering to optical fiber reacted with 100~1500 mg/day (1 mM ~ 10 mM) of dopamine, which is a standard daily dose of dopamine for Parkinson’s disease patients. Further, Raman spectroscopy was employed to analyze the signal according to the concentration of dopamine combined with Chitosan-gold nanoshell. The amplified Raman signal about 2.5 ~ 7 times could be earned according to the concentration of dopamine from a linear equation of a calibration curve Y = 303.03 x + 2385.8, R2=09677.