Highly Sensitive Biosensor for Monitoring Colorectal Cancer Biomarkers

A. Malima
Biolom LLC, US

Keywords: biosensor, biomarkers, colorectal cancer, diagnostics


The colorectal cancer biomarker levels for patients in remission fall below the limit of detection of currently available conventional tests. Monitoring these biomarkers in patients demands for new biosensors with high sensitivity and high specificity to detect recurrences. We present a microscale biosensor platform device for the simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers. These biosensors exhibit high selectivity (ability to selectively detect multiple biomarkers of different diseases), specificity (ability to target generic to specific disease biomarkers), rapid antigen uptake, and low detection limits (for carcinoembryonic antigen, 31.25 pg/mL; for nucleosomes, 62.5 pg/mL), laying the foundation for early detection and monitoring recurrences of colorectal cancer in patients. Early detection of elevated biomarkers when there’s a single liver lesion or anastomotic recurrence can lead to simple treatment.