Ink-jet printing of functional ceramic coatings and patterns starting from aqueous inks

J. Feys, M. Arin, K. de Keukeleere, J. de Roo, G. Pollefeyt, P. Lommens, I. Van Driessche
Ghent University, BE

Keywords: aqueous inks, ceramic materials, TiO2, YBCO


In this abstract, we are presenting our results in the development and characterization of home-made aqueous inks for the deposition of functional ceramic coatings and patterns. After verifying and tuning the ink rheology and jetting behaviour,the wetting of the ink onto the substrate was optimized. Full substrate coverage of TiO2, BaTiO3 or YBa2CuO3 onto appropriate substrates was possible and resulted, after an appropriate heat treatment, in high quality ceramic coatings. These coatings were tested on their photocatalytic (TiO2) or on their superconducting (YBCO) properties. By adjusting printing and/or ink properties, we were also able to print patterns of BaTiO3 or YBCO; 40-200 µm in width, with a thickness close to 300 nm.