Bioskiving: Bioinspired Fabrication of Nanostructures from Tissue Slices

Q.B. Xu, K.A. Alberti
Tufts University, US

Keywords: bioskiving, nanofabrication, tissue section, collagen nanofibers


Nature has evolved a variety of clever ways to create nanoscale entities with remarkable complexity. Many biological specimen have extremely well-defined shapes and chemical activities, such as collagen fibers in tendon, muscle fibers in muscle, cornea, bone, diatoms, wood.. Tendon for example, comprises bundles of well-aligned of collagen nanofibers. Recently, we used nature-derived materials as a substrate for sectioning, and demonstrated the fabrication of novel nanostructured constructs using a combination of sectioning, stacking and rolling, a process as we call “Bioskiving”. Using decellularized tendon, we demonstrated the fabrication and characterization of various nanostructured constructs. The tendon-derived constructs are biocompatible, biodegradable and have good mechanical properties. More importantly, they provide nanotopographic cues which could offer contact guidance for oriented cell growth. These novel structures could be useful for a number of biomedical applications.