Inkjet printing of 200 nm monodisperse carbon nanoparticles: from smart ink formulation to thin film sensor properties

R. Vié, S. Berthon-Fabry, S. Blayac, E. Drahi, S. Jacomet

Keywords: inkjet printing, carbon nanoparticles, resorcinol/formaldehyde


In this work, resorcinol / formaldehyde copolymers are pyrolyzed in order to obtain spherical monodisperse carbon nanoparticles. These particles are used to create thin films using inkjet deposition. Electrical properties of these films are, then, studied as a function of temperature and mechanical deformation and compared with carbon black nanoparticles behavior. Due to their regular shape compared with the carbon black nanoparticules, nanospheres obtained by this approach are promising as electrically active material with tailorable and reproducible properties.