Fabrication of Silver Lines on PET Film by Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing

K.I. Lee, B. Lim, C.S. Lee, S.H. Kim, J.W. Cho, Y. Hong
Korea Electronics Technology Institute, KR

Keywords: inkjet, printing, electrohydrodynamics, PET, transparent conducting film


We report a novel high speed fabrication method of silver lines on PET film by multi-nozzle electrohydrodynamic (EHD) inkjet printing head. EHD printing technology gathered much attention for higher resolution comparing to traditional piezoelectric inkjet technology but the usage of single capillary is not suitable for mass production. So we showed a batch-fabricated 4 nozzle EHD inkjet printing head and some printing results on a silicon wafer. [1] In this paper, we develop a 16 nozzle EHD printing head and fabricate silver lines on PET film which is required to make a transparent conducting film(TCF) used for large area touch sensor panels. Metal mesh film with a fine pitch and narrow line width can replace conventional TCFs such as ITO or silver nanowires. Photolithography or roll-to-roll process can be used for the fabrication of metal mesh but the cost and the speed is not satisfactory. Using EHD printing method, high speed more than 500 mm/sec can be achieved.