A high-throughput microfluidic device for parallel investigation on single cells upon various stimuli exposure

A.A. Banaeiyan, D. Ahmadpour, M. Goksör, C.B. Adiels
University of Gothenburg, SE

Keywords: microfluidics, high-throughput, single-cell, extracellular perturbations


High-quality statistical data acquired from single-cell experiments is being considered a valuable source of information, which can significantly contribute to further development of the knowledge in the field of systems biology. Here, we present a microfluidic device, which is capable of conducting high-throughput single-cell analyses. This microfluidic system is intended for analyzing the reactions of individual cells to extracellular perturbations. The main advantage of the system is to provide the possibility of running two experiments at the same time, which eliminates the random uncertainty factors like variations in substance concentrations and cell cultures that can happen while preparing single experiments.