Development of Drug Delivery System Using Bio based Calcium carbonate Nanoparticles

D. Render, V. Rangari, T. Samuel, J. Ramapuram, K. Pawar and S. Jeelani
Tuskegee University, US

Keywords: drug delivery, calcium carbonate, colon cancer


The CaCO3 nanoparticles were derived from egg shells using sonochemical and mechanochemical methods. The glycerol and acetic acid were used as solvents in this process to avoid other toxic solvents. These nanoparticles were loaded with 5-FU drug by physical absorption. Oral administration of 5-FU can be beneficial to colon cancer patients as it could not only reduce the pain resulting in better compliance, but also mimic the physiological fate of 5-FU. A pill has been produced from 5FU-loaded CaCO3 nanoparticles. Ideally, these pills will be optimal for a successful delivery of 5-FU to the colon, after a coating with Eudragit S100 polymer. In vitro release was studied and analyzed.