Cellular Trafficking of Gold Nano-Constructs

R.A. Hill, G. Wang, S. Acharya, S. Ji
Nanomedicine:NBM (editor), US

Keywords: gold, nanoconjugates, retrograde transport


Recently, gold nanoparticles (AuNP) have gained much attention as model drug delivery platforms due to their advantageous surface characteristics that allow easy functionalization with chemicals and biological molecules and also due to their apparently low toxicity. A major issue for optimizing intracellular drug delivery is avoidance of degradative pathways. Directing peptides conjugated to AuNP appear to have potential to harness retrograde transport mechanisms and deliver cargo molecules such as drugs or gene expression modulators to cellular compartments, avoiding degradative lysosomes. We explore recent in vitro and in vivo research progress using these gold nano-constructs for drug delivery and suggest experimental strategies for future studies for efficacious, targeted delivery.