Effect of combined UV and moisture exposure to CNT-epoxy composite durability and microcracking

J. Wee, C.S. Korach
Stony Brook University, US

Keywords: epoxy, CNT, durability, nanomaterial release


There has been a strong interest in the development of polymer nanocomposites consisting of various nanomaterials, where the materials are being used extensively in civil infrastructure applications, structures, and surface coatings. The effect of combined UV and moisture exposure on the durability of nanocomposites has been studied for specific nanomaterials, though the implication on nanomaterial release is still unknown. Here, the subject of this paper is to observe micro cracks developed on the surface of these CNT-epoxy composites after cyclic UV and moisture exposure. Microcrack lengths and density are computed as a function of time and the effect on potential nanomaterial release is discussed.