Microfilter with 3D nanotopography for efficient isolation and culture of circulating tumor cells

O.V. Makarova, R. Divan, P. Zhu, D. Adams, S. Li, P. Amstutz, C.-M. Tang
Creatv MicroTech Inc., US

Keywords: circulating tumor cells, cancer diagnostics, microfilter, nanotopography


Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are cells shed from primary tumor into the blood of patients with metastatic cancer. Analysis of CTCs has great clinical significance for treatment of solid tumor cancers. One method to achieve personalized cancer therapy is to isolate viable CTCs from the patient and culture them to test response to drugs. Combining cell isolation by microfiltration and culture on the same device would eliminate cell loss, minimize cell damage, and facilitate cell growth, while providing simple and rapid workflow. To address this need, we developed a microfilter with precisely defined micropores for CTC isolation and 3D topographies to improve capture and facilitate growth of the captured cells. Microfilters are fabricated by UV lithography using a resist that is strong, biocompatible, and optically transparent. We use imprinting and reactive ion etching techniques to obtain 3D reliefs on the filter surfaces. The utility of the microfilters with various topographies is evaluated using cancer cell lines. The capture efficiency of cancer cells is 95-98%. Results and images of tumor cell culture on these surfaces are different and will be presented