NSTI BioNano 2011

Artificial Heart Utilizes MEMS Technology

Donna  Sandfox

Donna Sandfox

Product Manager, New Business Development

Omron Electronic Components LLC

Ms. Donna Sandfox received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Illinois University, and MBA from Roosevelt University with a focus on International Business. She has held engineering, sales and marketing positions in a variety of industries. Early experiences included being a Project Manager for Clean Air Engineering in their Flow Engineering and Permitting consulting groups, where she was occasionally called on to climb and conduct testing on industrial smoke stacks. She still holds very “fond” memories of a sub-zero week spent on a waste-to-energy stack platform in Minneapolis. As an Applications Engineer at BACT, an environmental equipment manufacturer, and at Sterling Hydraulics, a manufacturer of cartridge valves and custom manifold assemblies, Donna began working more closely with the Sales and Marketing departments. At Omron Electronic Components LLC, Donna was a Sales Engineer before completing her transition to the dark side Marketing and becoming the Product Manager for the company’s MEMS Sensors/RF Switch, optical sensors, and blood pressure module. Supporting these products, she has published and contributed to several articles in various industry publications and has subjected herself to a couple Engineering TV video interviews (Google them!). Donna is married, has 3 teenagers, 3 dogs ranging from 5.5 to 95 lbs, 3 snakes (her favorite being the Carpet Python), and 2 gerbils named Lunch and Dinner (just kidding). She enjoys quiet moments… when they come.

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