NSTI BioNano 2010

Nanotechnology Safety: Advances in nanomaterials regulation in Europe and best practice for risk assessment and safe handling

S.M. Hankin, R.J. Aitken
Institute of Occupational Medicine, UK

Keywords: nanotechnology, environment, health, safety, regulation, risk assessment, industrial hygiene


There is increasing consensus that for nanotechnology to reach its true potential, we must work to understand the hazards and exposure routes in order to minimize the risks, which may be articulated through compliance with regulation. However, the uncertainty associated with nanotechnologies and regulation creates an interesting dilemma: ensuring a high level of protection of public and environmental health and safety must be weighed up against the capacity implications for industry, both large and small. This paper will present some of the latest efforts in the European Union to address these issues and present a perspective of the key components of risk assessment applicable to nanoscale materials.
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