NSTI BioNano 2010

Visualization of Thyroid Cancer Signs by Atomic Force Microscopy

I.V. Reshetov, V.I. Chissov, S.S. Sukharev, E.N. Slavnova, N.N. Volchenco, V.A. Bykov
P.A.Hertzen Moscow Research Oncological Institute, RU

Keywords: AFM, Thyroid Cancer, measurements


Aim: Search for the AFM signs of the thyroid cancer. Instruments and Materials: AFM-system NTEGRA Prima, NT-MDT Co., Zelenograd, Russia. Cytological specimens prepared identically to those used in traditional cytological studies. Characteristics measured: the heights of nucleus and cytoplasm, the ratio of the height of nucleus to the height of cytoplasm, the sizes of cells, the intensity of thyroglobulin production. Nosologies: Papillary Thyroid Cancer, colloidal goiter, follicular adenoma. Results: Our measurements and statistical calculations showed reliable differences between the cells of thyroid cancer and benign deceases of thyroid gland in parameters: the height of nucleus, the height of cytoplasm, the ratio of the height of nucleus to the height of cytoplasm, cells size; Intranuclear Cytoplasmic Inclusions were visualized. We managed to measure those inclusions – the depth is about 600 nm. When studying the specimens, subjected to immunocytochemical processing, correlation between the intensity of thyroglobulin production (which mean prognosis) and the heights of specific subcellular structures was noted. We succeeded in measuring the globules of thyroglobulin during evacuation through cellular pores. Conclusions: The measurements and investigations conducted with extensive use of nanotechnologies could form the basis for differential diagnosis between malignant and benign deceases of thyroid gland.
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