NSTI BioNano 2010

High-Precision Therapeutics through Medicinal Nanoengineering™

J. Hrkach
BIND Biosciences, US

Keywords: targeted therapeutics, Nanoparticles


The successful development of targeted therapeutics poses significant challenges requiring the combination of several critical elements. The BIND Medicinal Nanoengineering™ platform enables the design, engineering and manufacturing of targeted nanoparticle therapeutics with precise control over drug pharmacokinetics, biodistribution and cell/tissue-specific targeting yielding optimal drug performance through increased efficacy and/or reduced toxicity. The BIND technology offers the unique and powerful approach of combinatorial optimization of critical formulation, process and biological parameters. Nanoparticles must have appropriate size, surface properties and controlled drug release to avoid particle clearance and allow for long-circulation times so that particles and drug reach their intended target at high concentrations. Optimal targeting and drug performance occur via the combination of two mechanisms: particle extravasation through leaky/damaged vasculature and the direct binding of nanoparticles to cell surface receptors. For ultimate success in treating patients, the technology must offer a scalable process for manufacture of toxicology, clinical and commercial supplies.
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